State of Emergency

Lets start with yesterday.  Teresa from the Real Housewives of NJ was at a liquor store across the street from us.  I mentioned I got her champagne last week.  I’m OBSESSED with the housewives but hate Teresa so I wasn’t dying to go.  I figured the line would be an hour long thanks.  I drove by just to see and there were about 15 cars in the parking lot.  Most people in the store were there to buy liquor.  I was the 2nd in line (of 3 people) to see Teresa.  It was pathetic.  I felt bad for her but she is so evil! 🙂 I still got a high from meeting her! hahahaha


We’ve been preparing for the big Hurricane Sandy coming our way tomorrow.  Drew was not worried at all about it and now he’s a little worried.  Super scary storm and I’m just hoping we don’t lose power for *too* long.  We stocked up on a lot of good dried Italian meats (YUM) cheese, fruit, dried fruit, water, jerky, nuts, pickles, bread, flashlights, chips.  I think we should be good to go!  The grocery store yesterday wasn’t so bad but today it was a ZOO.  Glad we are stocked up and dont have to go back


Yesterday we sampled some of the Italian meat we bought by making an antipasta plate for dinner.  SO GOOD


Because they are predicting such a huge, massive storm I have a feeling we will be watching Day After Tomorrow tonight.  Drew is obsessed w/ that movie…obsessed

Alright…pray for us!!!!!


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