I might be a NJ convert

I came to NJ kicking and screaming.  I was excited about the new adventure but I’m a die hard Texan.  I was begging Drew to get us back to Austin ASAP.  Now that I’ve been here and have experienced a real fall for the 1st time in my life, I never want to leave.  It is telling though…every NJ person who finds out I’m from Texas has the same reaction…”how do you like it here?” me: “I LOVE it here! This weather is amazing!”  them: “you dooooo?!? ugh I’ve been here all my life and wish I could get out!”  If the property taxes & cost of property wasn’t the highest in the nation I’d buy here in a second! Here are a couple more fall pictures


this one was taken outside our kitchen window


Last night I made black bean enchiladas w/ Spanish rice. Recipe is super easy:

  • Sautee a can of black beans w/ a can of Mexican style Rotel
  • Use this mixture to fill corn tortillas..add a little cheese & roll
  • Once all have been rolled cover w/ green salsa (I used jarred) and more cheese
  • bake at 350 for 30 min

My Spanish rice turned out amazing for once 🙂 Drew didn’t believe I made it.  haha I’m usually horrible at making rice


We are having a cheat day today.  1st time we’ve been bad in a week and it’s only for 1 meal.  Tomorrow it’s back to being good and a hard work out!


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