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Drew and I just joined a gym by our apartment.  It’s small but really fancy and offers aerial yoga, something I’ve always wanted to try.  Rosie O’donnell called it the yoga for fat people ha sounds good to me!



I went in today and did 30 min on the treadmill.  I was walking to a bike to do 30 more min when this TINY lady with 2% body fat grabs me and says, “hey my class is starting!! Want to come try!? It’s a toning class you’ll love it!” SURE! and off I went.  I haven’t done weight training in 2+ years and before I knew it we using kettle bells, weights, bosu balls and I was in a pool of sweat.  It was a great work out though and there was only 1 other lady in the class so it was like a free hour of personal training.  AFTER the class was over I looked at the gym schedule & saw the class is called “Extreme Body Makeover”  no wonder my legs are already sore!

Eats have been great! Juice, fruit, eggs, nuts, cheese & pop corners.  Tonight will be leftover stir fry





The other day while we visited our neighbor’s new house we stopped at a roadside farmer’s stand.  I got the most delicious apple cider I’ve ever had.  I chugged 1/2 of it after my work out marathon.  I can’t wait to go buy some more!



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