Fall has…fallen?

If spring has sprung what is fall? The weather here has been beyond amazing.  Today for whatever reason the fall colors came out with a bang.  As I was driving around Morristown (after taking mack to daycare) the colors literally took my breath away.  It’s so beautiful here..makes me SO happy and loooooove New Jersey.  With the lower temps we had to get Mack his 1st hoodie.  He  seems to like it







Eats today were really good. I spent a little over an hr at the gym. AND only watched 20 min of tv!!  Started the day off w/ something like my Dad would make.  Eggs a la Mexicana…sauteed onion/tomato/jalapeno w/ eggs & a little cheddar



Then my neighbor, her baby and I went to see one of our neighbors new house.  It’s so sad this neighbor is moving…she has the infamous Moose, a French bulldog Drew LOOOOVES.  Her new place is gorgeous and huge!! I’m so jealous! Wish we could buy right now.  There is a house for sale right next to hers.  It’s about twice the size (4200 sq ft) and $700k.  I of course fell in love w/ it and think we need to buy it.  🙂



Tonight for dinner I was inspired by this recipe off Pinterest.  We have the BEEEEST products from Italy so I used it instead of whole wheat pasta like I should have.  I thought this recipe was TOO.DIE.FOR.  So simple yet so yummy.  The pasta is key.  I never knew quality pasta until I found this brand in our grocery store.  Makes all the difference in the world





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