Meatless Monday

Drew & I are giving up meat for awhile and we had a GREAT eating day 🙂  This morning I made us cheesy eggs w/ dried apricots & cherries w/ some pecans.  Lunch was sharp cheddar, a slice of munster, a whole apple, a few nuts and pop corners. Munster on apple is even better than cheddar.  Who knew?  Pop corners are my new obsession.  The white cheddar is the best!



For dinner I made us amazing veggie stir fry over brown rice.







Part of my 30th bday resolution was to watch less tv.  As a stay at home wife this is much harder than it sounds. I did spend a good chunk of today cleaning, listening to music, laundry & reading so I’m on the right path.  I want to work out an hr every day, clean/organize an hr, read an hr each day instead of on my butt in front of the tv.


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