So cold, so cold, so cold

Finally home from Disney! We had a great trip but was so ready to be home to my doggie.  It’s super cold here! woke up at it was 30.  Ice was all over the grass.  We decided we needed to make turkey chili and cornbread because it’s so cold AND for the UT/OU game this afternoon.  This chili is the only one I’ll eat and SO easy to make.  Just dump everything into a pot and simmer

Taco Soup recipe





After today we are really cracking down on what we eat. We are going to work out every day and eat veggies for awhile. We ate WHATEVER we wanted to in Disney and enjoyed every second of it. I stocked up at the store and got TONS of veggies, fruits, nuts and some cheese.  This is more of what we will be eating.  So good



I got my hair cut & colored yesterday.  Love it.  I’m going to go even more red in Dec.  Will be so pretty.  Also, some of the leaves are changing color here.  



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