Too excited

I always have sleeping problems but tonight there’s just no chance of getting back to sleep.  Too excited our Disney trip.  I am NOT excited about dropping off my little baby at the pet hotel 😦

Yesterday my neighbor & I went to this adorable little cafe in Montclair.  Montclair is the hip town just down the road from us.  I LOVE it.  Church St. is filled with adorable trendy shops and little eateries.  We went to Raymonds.  I had an egg white omlette with mushrooms, spinach & goat cheese.  It was too.die.for.  I brought some home and the goat cheese was too tangy for Drew but this made me want to add goat cheese to my eggs every day!



We passed a crew filming a McDonald’s commercial.  It was funny they made a make shift McDonalds in one of the little shops on Church St.  The last time I was on Church St. they were filming a commercial. crazy 🙂



While we were walking to our lunch we passed an open house so Brie, my neighbor insisted we check it out.  I fell in LOVE with this condo!!! It was huge and beautiful and had a communal patio/yard area for the building with a huge grill.  From the roof you can see the NYC skyline.  Only downside was that it was on the 3rd floor and listed at $339,000 plus $440/month for maintenance and parking. For a 2 bedroom condo.  Crazy.  I still want it though 😦



I keep getting amazing gifts.  Can I please turn 30 every year?  Drew got me this BEAUTIFUL watch and my Mom got me this amazing UT hoodie. I LOVE





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