Potato chip Meatloaf

I love meatloaf. It’s so homey and delicious.  I usually make a low carb meatloaf but this time I used crushed potato chips as a binder per Drew’s request.  He said that’s how his Mom would make it.  

First I sauteed carrot, onion & celery in olive oil & butter.  Sauteed veg is the key to good meatloaf.  For the sauce I mixed ketchup, garlic powder & mustard powder



I mixed 2lb ground beef w/ the veg, 1 egg, a big squeeze of BBQ sauce, crushed potato chips & a nice amount of salt & pepper.  Topped w/ the sauce & baked at 350 for 1 hour.



I think I like my low carb version better only because I do sauteed onion & bell pepper for the veg.  The bell pepper gives a nice flavor that I was missing.  Speaking of low carb, Drew and I have decided to cut out our precious carbs 😦 I LOVE carbs but lets face it, they make you fat.  So my plan is to have eggs in the morning, juice mid day then protein & veggies for dinner.  Determined to get fit and fabulous as I turn 30!


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