Getting old

I’m about to turn 30 and it’s starting to freak me out a little.  So old!! I’ve been sick so I got back on track with my juicing and it has really helped. Drew’s been helping nurse me back to health too and always brings me a pumpkin spice latte.  My morning started w/ a huge green juice



For lunch today I went out with my neighbor and her baby.  We went to a vegetarian restaurant/ juice bar where I had another large juice.  After we ate we stalked down 2 of the New Jersey housewives.  We found Teresa’s house and Melissa’s house.  Melissa’s kids were outside.  We were such geeks about it but it was fun! 🙂 Isn’t her little baby adorable? I love her!





I have a lot of things I want to change with my upcoming birthday.  I want to watch tv MUCH less, read more, go to the gym daily, take long walks with Mack.  I’ll also be starting yoga soon which is exciting! 🙂



One thought on “Getting old

  1. Jana Cast says:

    30 is NOT old! Yes, it’s pretty geekie what you did, and yes, the little baby is VERY adorable! And just for the record, I don’t do pilates or yoga. I do a special group of stretching/strengthening exercises for my poor old back. I have tried yoga and was not disciplined enough to see any benefit….Glad to hear you’re feeling better! 🙂

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