NYC Trip


My neighbor took me into the city today.  I bought tickets to the Food Tour of the Lower East side which is run by the Tenement Museum.  The Tenement museum is really interesting and I didn’t get to explore the apartments of the 1st settlers in NYC so next time I’d like to check that out .  The tour today was a 2 hour walking tour of all the little neighborhoods in the lower east side.  We explored EACH cultural group that settled here.  At each stop they would give us a bite of food from an  eatery in the area.








Some of our bites today: pretzel (german)  pickle -picutre w/ all the barrels (Jewish/Russia) chocolate covered pretzel at a Jewish company, Biallys (Jewish bagel) a green tea filled puff pastry (from a Chinese bakery) pork dumpling (Chinese) fried plantain (Central America)

My favorite part of the tour was going in the Essex St Market. We were lot allowed to take pictures inside.  It reminded me of Mexico Market meets Pikes Market in Seattle.  TONS of small little booths selling anything from normal grocery items: cereal & milk to a full meat and fish market, a religious artifact booth, artisan cheese booth, there were several stands that had a small stove top w/ women cooking in them.  Really interesting little place!

We walked, and walked and walked.  By the end I was sweaty and exhausted.  Then we had a 3 hour drive home thanks to traffic.  My neighbor was sweet enough to drive me straight out to Morristown to pick up Mack from daycare though 🙂  I haven’t been feeling great and did NOT want to go this morning but I’m glad I did. 


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