My (fabulous) day in numbers


1. I dropped Mack off at daycare.  When I picked him up this afternoon the trainer said “there weren’t many small dogs for him to play with today but he found a ball and quickly became obsessed with that.” Yup, sounds like my boy! (Thanks Mom!!)


2. I put on my Jana/Julia hat.  I’m not good at cleaning but my mother in law Jana IS and my mom’s housekeeper Julia is, so I tried to channel them.  I went to Target and STOCKED UP!  I spent about 2 hours cleaning our tiny apartment and was soaked in sweat afterwards so I think that’s a good sign I did good. 🙂  I even moved all the furniture and dusted/mopped UNDER.  I’m sure this is something normal people do but I often over look.  I need to be better about really keeping the house up for Drew.


3.  I went to Willowbrook Mall.  Fun fact: whenever the Sopranos go to a mall, it’s always the Willowbrook 😉 (we are now on season 4 and as I pulled up to the mall…that I’ve been to before..I thought to myself TONY SOPRANO WAS HERE!) hahaha  Anyway, I have an amazing husband who told me to go spend money today so I stocked up on make up and perfume.  Drew MADE me spend money, how amazing is that?


4. I got pampered.  I also got a mani/pedi today and my FIRST pumpkin spice latte of the season. yum


5.  I set up my reading area.  I did not get a chance to use it today but fully intend to tomorrow


6.  Sushi.  The perfect end to my fantastic day!

*I DID sleep last night!  Also, I was supposed to go into the city today but I couldn’t buy tix to the museum the day before so we postponed it till next week.  I got tix to the “Foods of the Lower East Side” tour at the tenement museum which you get to explore/eat your way through the cultures of the first people in NYC. SO COOL!!!


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