Almost back

We spent a week getting take out.  We both must have gained 15lbs this week.

I’m on a new med and like clock work I wake up at midnight and am up till about 4am.  Last night I work up at 11…Drew was up also with food poisoning.  It was SO sad!!!! I was up till about 3 and went to sleep, he was up all night.  I was grumpier than he was tonight!  We had a  juice this morning.  And we tortured bug with his Christmas hat



Dinner was multi grain toast w/ mozz, proscuitto, peaches, & balsamic.  AMAZING



Drew leaves on Wednesday for a 4 day trip.  On Thursday I’m going into the city with my neighbor.  I REALLY want to go to the 9/11 memorial but my neighbor was THERE when it happened and she is pretty messed up from it.  I don’t know what we will do in the city Thursday but we are going with her precious baby.  I’m excited!


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