Good News!!!

I had my test this morning.  The hardest thing was drinking all that water and NOT going to the bathroom.  As soon as the lady called me back I said I REALLY HAVE TO GO! 🙂 hahahah she said “oh good that means the test will be accurate”  I asked if she would be able to give me the results and she said no, my Dr. would have them in 24 hr and they would give them to me.  Fine, whatever.  After about 20 mins of testing she said “just between you and me, it all looks ok”  I was really worried only because what my Dr thought I had greatly effects fertility and Drew and I want to start trying with in the next year.

Drew starts going to India soon.  India is a 4 day trip 😦 BUT I’ve started planning my trips into the city so that’s exciting! My 1st trip will be to the Jewish cultural museum and statue of liberty.  I’m obsessed with Jewish culture so I’m excited!!!


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