Labor Day

We had a LAST horah kind of day today.  It was mostly good but dinner was BAD 🙂  This morning we started like every other morning.  Juice.


This afternoon we started season 2 of Sopranos so I suggested we go see Tony’s house.  Thankfully Drew was game.  They shot Tony Soprano’s house in my city…the house is 5 min from our apt.  It was SO COOL!!!!!


For dinner I made fried rice and sweet & sour chicken.

Image  Image

It was really good but the chicken was really messy & hard to cook.  Drew made the fried rice while I did the chicken 🙂  It was delicious but I dunno if I’d make it again just because it was a bit of work

If you could say a little prayer for me tomorrow morning.  I have my ultra sound at 10:30.  I have to drink 32 oz of water from 9-9:30, then hold it till the test at 10:30!!!! Are you kidding me?! I’m known for my very small bladder.  That alone has me worried 🙂

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