While the cats away…

There is one thing that keeps me going while Drew goes out of the country.  SUSHI! I always indulge myself while he’s gone and thankfully he lets me! 🙂 My days when he’s not here are much the same eating wise.  Egg toast, juice, sushi.  I don’t ALWAYS order sushi, but I do more often than not.  I cant help it! It’s too delicious



When Drew is home, we like to watch TV series.  We got through Nip/Tuck.  Then got him caught up on all seasons of Breaking Bad and Homeland.  Now we have started Sopranos.  I’ve seen about 2 episodes of Sopranos ever and I’m so glad I waited.  So much of what goes on in the show happens where I live.  And Tony Sopranos house?  The REAL house is in my city!!!! We are going to be tourist and take pics of it this week.  So cool though.  


It’s college gameday!!!!! I find myself missing Austin today more than ever.  Last season I didn’t go to any games, very unlike me but I just feel so left out 😦 I WANT to be in Austin, celebrating the start of football season with a home game.  Drew & I are going to try to get to Austin for a game.  Maybe the Baylor game?  Don’t know yet..we will book that soon.  

Hook ’em horns!!!!!



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