A week of injuries

Mack had pink eye and as I mentioned in the last post the vet cut 1 of his nails too short.  The next day he was FINE until Drew threw the ball for him.  I guess running and digging down on his nail did him in.  He immediately stopped and rolled over.  Drew picked him up and yelled “he’s hurt! he’s hurt!” as soon as I got to him he started crying and wailing like i’ve never heard him do before.  He couldn’t put any pressure on his foot.  We called the vet and he said just to ice it



The next day he was FINE though.  Running and playing as always.  I walked him that night and being the graceful person I am, fell and rolled my ankle.  It was immediately swollen & bruised.  I couldn’t put much weight on it, but today it is MUCH better…swelling is down and it hurts still but I can walk on it



Tonight Drew is in London and he’s partying w/ Bon Jovi and his band.  He leads a hard life, right?  I’m going to order myself sushi and call it a night.  Tomorrow I start a cleansing fast. 


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