Long time no blog

I haven’t updated because there hasn’t been a lot going on.  We ate out a couple times and I immediately felt it.  Wasn’t sleeping well, NO energy.  A few days of total clean eating and I’m back to good though 🙂 We’ve been juicing and having our protein shakes in the morning.  The shakes make all the difference in the world!



This afternoon I had apple & feta salad.  I used Poppy Seed dressing this time.  SO good and refreshing.  I love, love, love this salad. Tonight Drew got in from San Fran and I made us sauteed spinach and burger patties with caramelized onions & mushrooms! Delish!!!!!  


And because I had ripe bananas I just HAD to make banana bread w/ choc chips.  Way to mess up our perfect clean eating BUT a little bit doesn’t hurt…I sweated off the extra calories today thanks to Richard Simmons 🙂


Today was the first day back for teachers and I’m finding myself missing it a TINY.  I dont miss the stress of parents, the stress of training Kinder babies to DO EVERYTHING, stress of a horrible work place but i DO miss having a schedule.  Being around people all day.  The good parts of the job.  I need some hobby.  My problem is I HATE leaving the dog alone.  Makes me feel so guilty.  Hmmmm…don’t know what I can do.

Speaking of the dog, my poor baby has pink eye! 😦 AND today at the vet he cut one of his nails too short and it was bleeding.  But lil Mack just sat there like a good boy.  Poor baby


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