Day off

We have been eating so well lately that we decided to take a couple meals off

The first meal I made chicken tacos off a recipe from Pinterest.  I’m not going to post a link because I didn’t like it that much.  It was my first Pinterest FAIL. The recipe said to put chicken breast, taco seasoning & rotel in a crock pot.  Simmer on low for 4 hours.  I tasted and it had little to no flavor so we added about 2 TB of cumin, a packet of ranch seasoning and mccormicks chicken seasoning. It as o-k…nothing great or that I would ever make again. The only thing good about this meal was I found “raw” tortillas so at least that was good.


Today’s Pinterest meal was MUUUUUCH better.  It was also unhealthy though.  I’d rather us have 1 or 2 unhealthy meals a month than have days of eating junk.

Today I made roast beef roll ups.  I have, since a child, LOOOOOOOVED cresent rolls.  SO amazing.  Their buttery flavor…I could eat 10.  Needless to say we loved these and they were gone quickly

Image In Mack Brown news…he LOOOOOOOVES  to be the center of attention.  When I make the bed he has to be on it assisting.  Today he had to be the middle of me folding the laudry and he fell asleep.  silly baby



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