Good news today!

I miss my Austin Dr.  If I was at her office at 2:45 for a 3:00 appt she would have me in around 2:50.  My appt today was at 2:45 and I didn’t even get called back to her office till 3:45!!  My blood pressure was a little high 122/94 but I think being at a new Dr and the frustration of having to wait was to blame for that.  I go back in a couple weeks for blood work so i’m hoping my BP is MUCH better.  Anyways…after reading my latest reports she was happy and said my cholesterol was getting better YAY!


Tonight for dinner I made pork loin. Drew liked the last one so much he requested it again. This new recipe was better than the last in my opinion! The marinade/basting sauce was sweet like a BBQ sauce. I LOVED it. We had it w/ sauteed spinach and roasted sweet potatoes.  For dessert I picked up some macaroons from a French bakery near town. YUM 🙂


I got some fun things in the mail today.  Got a new pair of TOMS! LOVE them!! And a new shower curtain.  I had bought a white/grey shower curtain thinking I wanted to keep things clean and crisp but the bathroom just needed color.  I like this one much better!


I’ve been working out every day! For once I actually SO look forward to my hour long work outs.  Richard Simmons is REALLY fun 🙂


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