Wild dreams

I couldnt get to sleep last night so I took 2 benadryll and had CRAZY dreams.  1 dream the DEA pulled me over and wanted info about what confidential information my husband was telling me.  I then got mad at Drew for compromising our lively hood…we finished Nip Tuck and have spent the last few days watching FOUR seasons for Breaking Bad.  I’ve watched them but Drew needed to catch up and I own them all on DVD. Think this is obviously influencing my dreams! 🙂

As far as eats today: I started with a HUGE green juice


And dinner was SUSHI!!!! (smoked salmon and shrimp mango roll DELISH!)


Drew left at 5am this morning! Last night I promised him I’d wake up and make him egg toast but when 4am rolled around I just couldn’t roll myself out of bed.  I’m such a bad wife! 🙂 Mack has been so mopey today…he just walks around the apartment crying.  I’ll take him outside and he’ll slowly walk then just lay in the grass for about 10 min.  He misses daddy too.  Good thing Drew will be home tomorrow! YAY!! AND he has a couple days off! Here are some pics I took of mack and Drew


literally waiting for daddy to come home


Tomorrow I have my Dr appt.  I just have to establish as a new patient and request my blood work.  I’m HOPING all my cardiac blood reports come back better than they were.  I think/hope they will!!!!


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