Sweating to the Oldies

Today I had a veggie day…not intentionally really just happened that way.  I took Mack to daycare this morning so I could get some stuff done.  After I deep cleaned the apt I busted out a box set I bought but haven’t used yet.  I bought this because my Dad had it when I was little and I would use it all the time.  It was a much better work out than I expected, it was fun AND oddly enough I remembered the whole routine from when I was little. hahaha so funny



I spent the rest of the day running errands.  Groceries, sent stuff to T & my mom, mani/pedi, the mall  It was a nice, but very busy day!



 My eating was REALLY good.  Egg toast, protein chia shake, salad, green juice, and roasted veggies to snack on.  Drew is in Germany and sent me a few good pictures




This picture of Mack sums up my spoiled mut so well.  He was in his little bed SURROUNDED by toys whimpering for attention.  Aye this dog.  I’m HOPING he loses some more weight so I can fly with him.  I want to spend December with my Mom and a couple weeks in January with my in laws & grandad but he needs to lose 2 more lbs!!!!! I dunno if he can make it by then but I hope so!



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