Diary of a Special Agent’s wife?

Drew thinks I should write a book entitled Diary of a Special Agents wife about ALLLLL the things I do while he’s abroad.  If only I lived such an exciting life.  The most exciting thing that’s happened to me this week is the owner of our local Whole Foods emailed me to apologize for poor customer service and my husband says “I’m going to run a check on this Dan Russo guy” (owner of Whole Foods) Yes folks, thats as good as it gets for me 🙂 ha! Anyway…I’ve been feeling GREAT lately.  I have a ton of energy and want to hit the ground running as soon as I get up instead of lay in bed for hours waiting for my body to wake up.  FOOD cures all health problems.  Funny how no one will tell you this because the drug companies make too much money trying to convince you otherwise.

This morning I had a chia seed protein shake (I’ve perfected my shake recipe, SOOO good) and Drew had a bagel


This afternoon we had salads and huge green juices


Then for dinner I made pork tenderloin.  Another amazing recipe I found on Pinterest.  I’ve never cooked pork tenderloin before.  Little funny story..the recipe calls for you to set aside a few tablespoons of the marinade to make a pan sauce after the pork is cooked.  I put it in a small container in the fridge telling myself “Drew is going to throw this out because my OCD husband LOVES to clean out the fridge and this tiny bit of liquid looks like trash to him” SURE ENOUGH he threw it out. Anyway, dinner was awesome.  I highly suggest it!



on a funny note…this was a picture Drew took on the way to a German airport. 🙂



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