August 1st = new beginnings!

I love the 1st of each month.  It’s like a Monday for dieters…you get to restart.  Make new goals, etc.  Drew and I decided we are sick of being healthy and doing so good then TOTALLY going over board and undoing the hard work.  We even want to BOTH fast 1 day a week when he’s here.

This morning I added 1/2 a cucumber in our morning juice.  The result was comical.  We were both gagging, literally our juice down.  “THIS IS DISGUSTING” with each gulp.  And it was, utterly disgusting.



I chose cucumber only because I want to add more veggies to our juice so after this horrible experience I researched the health benefits of cucumber.  Much like celery, I now feel like cucumber is a MUST!! It fights cancer, reduces high blood pressure, reduces cholesterol, has been shown to CURE diabetes, and helps bloating.  Hopefully I’ll learn to love my little bit of cucumber much like I have grown to like my celery.

Before Drew left I made us a late lunch of baked tilapia with brown/white rice & green beans. (my mother in laws AMAZING recipe!)



We looooove this, it’s light and healthy.  Tonight I’ll juice again.

Tomorrow I’m going to Whole Foods.  I’m going to start adding in protein shakes with chia seeds in them.  Chia seeds ALSO are amazing for you apparently.  Speaking of Whole Foods…I wrote a yelp review of the one here.  I prefaced my review and that I’m from Austin and I have the best Whole Foods in the world, and have been very spoiled so I was under whelmed with the one here…so small, very little prepped food/baked goods.  The owner emailed me asking what Austin items I would like to see put in the store here.  Nice!


2 thoughts on “August 1st = new beginnings!

    • thanks Nat!!!! I’m never a fan of cucumber 😦 but if I force myself to eat them long enough I’m sure I’ll learn to like them. I’ve been craving greek salad so this is perfect!! miss you!

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