Getting better!

I knew juicing more would make me feel better and it already has.  I mad a huge juice for us this morning that we enjoyed.  Lime instead of lemon in a juice is so much better.  Love it.  For dinner I made us sesame chicken from this recipe I found on Pinterest.  It was healthier than normal sesame chicken…no frying and it was SOOOOO easy. Drew gave it a 9 out of 10 🙂 I HIGHLY recommend it! The only thing I added was a little sesame oil to the sauce.  So good and simple!


Drew’s been happier lately! Getting slightly back to his old self….so good to see.  Mack Brown is so happy when his daddy is home! Yesterday I told him daddy was on his way…he bolted to the stairs and then ran to Drew’s parking spot (assigned spot) sat and whimpered.  silly doggy! 🙂


Tomorrow we are both going to the gym again.  My knee has been REALLY messed up since my Insanity injury…knee brace & icy hot like the 80 yr old I apparently am.  It’s on the mend and I can finally walk without pain so back to work outs it is!  I have some really great low carb/low dairy meals planned out too. Very excited about getting healthy and feeling better


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