Olympic TRIALS

Oh my goodness I feel horrible! I’ll get into that in a min.


I woke up at 3:50 and made Texas style breakfast tacos for Drew and everyone at the office.  I made 10 tacos with sausage, bacon, taters, jalapeno & cheese and 2 taters and cheese tacos for a guy who doesn’t eat pork 🙂 Drew appreciated it and said the guys loved them.  The Whole Foods tortillas were not the cardboard I expected but NOT Texas tortillas. so sad



Then Drew was off to London.  After my taco I had a juice and snacked all day



I woke up feeling like I hadn’t slept at all.  I LONGED to have Grandad here because I just wanted to lay in bed all day and my little dog demands my attention.  Grandad was always such a great baby sitter when I didn’t feel good.  I dont know if it’s my eating, the weather (been grey & rainy all day), being lonely since Drew’s gone…I have no clue but I feel HORRIBLE and I had errands to do and church to go to but that didn’t happen.  Thankfully I can watch church online.  I’ll have to do errands tomorrow before Drew gets in.  I hope and PRAY I feel better.

Here are a couple of pics Drew sent me from London.  He couldn’t take too many because they were on duty.  He said they got into some events they didn’t have tickets to just by showing his badge. Such a cool, once in a lifetime experience he gets to have! He’s still trying to convince me his job is NOT a vacation  🙂



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