NJ Day 34 & 35

We’ve had a very stressful past 2 days.  Drew’s birthday has been BEYOND hard for him..harder than I ever imagined.  He was really upset yesterday and today.  But we’ve had really bad food and really good drinks so it makes it all better right? At this point I’m so sick of junk food that I CANT wait for tomorrow to come so we can get back to juicing and healthy eating!

Tuesday: Both my boys slept past 9!! Drew insisted on opening his Bday gift from me…complete Sopranos series..and Drew made us a juice!



Wednesday: We’ve eaten a lot of junk food for Drew’s bday, had apple pie & ice cream and played all day with Mack.  It was a GORGEOUS day out so we took Mack off his lead & played ball. Also, Mack has a little basket where we keep all his toys and he barks at it.  We will empty it and he’s still not satisfied.  At the bottom of the basket is a little elves hat we bought him. HAH. poor lil guy




Tomorrow we are cleansing…I promise this time!



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