NJ Day 33

Today is my best friend’s bday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BECCCCCCA! 🙂

I took Mack to daycare today because the I treat him like a baby and cant stand leaving him so it’s the ONLY time I get stuff done.  Today I:

  • cleaned the house (the only time I get to deep clean is when Mack is gone…how the heck am I supposed to clean when I have a real baby?!)
  • got groceries
  • worked out (lets talk about this for a second.  I did insanity RECOVERY.  The guy on the DVD even says “hey guys it’s our day off!  This is what I needed given the fact I hurt my knee last time I did Insanity  and it’s still hurting.  Apparently a “day off” is a thousand planks, squats, lunges, wall sits.  It was a great work out
  • prepped dinner

I had egg toast for breakfast and tonight I’m going to make Drew a mock chik fil a nuggets.  So not healthy but his birthday is Wednesday and he requested it.  Hopefully mine come out as good as this recipe


Our house is starting to look so fancy thanks to our furniture!!!! I love it even if there are movie posters all over the place.  Our console table needs work..I need to hide the cords & buy an orchid or something to go in the vase but I love our little apartment!! It’s so stylish and cozy!



Update on dinner:  Recipe was EASY so that was a plus.  But I was worried because the chicken was just dredged in flour..no egg wash.  The result: the nuggets were powdery not CRISPY like I wanted. Maybe I put a little too much powder sugar? Maybe an egg wash is needed? who knows, BUUUUT the honey mustard sauce was DEAD ON and amazing.


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