NJ Day 31

Drew finally got in LATE last night! He got his 1st bday present..I had his wedding band engraved and Mack brown was very happy to have his daddy home!  This morning I made us a juice.  I haven’t been in the mood for a juice latley..didn’t have 1 yesterday.  I’ve felt so good just from working out and eating better but the juice was so good 🙂ImageImage

We finally had my quinoa & chicken recipe!  So I first sauteed: onion, black beans, fresh corn & jalapeno while I grilled chicken that I seasoned with salt, pepper, cumin, garlic powder & cayanne


Then I cooked the quinoa in chicken stock, mixed it w/ the corn & black bean mix & topped it with the chicken and sour cream I mixed with my tomatillo salsa.  Really great, healthy meal!


This afternoon we FINALLY got our Crate & Barrel furniture in.  It’s so beautiful!!!!!!! The couch is a little too deep for this tiny apt of ours, but this tiny apt is temporary and the furniture is going to be perfect for us!


We’re staying in tonight.  Drew flys out again tomorrow morning 😦 We’re attempting to finish Nip/Tuck…we started the series when I moved up here and have 1 more season to go!


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