NJ Day 30

30 days living in New Jersey…so crazy.  I’ve loved it so far.  Todays weather was chilly and rainy. PERFECT.

This morning I had egg toast (1 egg, w/ egg whites) Our grocery store here makes this AMAZING multigrain bread that is just like the bread we got at BreadSmith in TX



Eating 1st was not wise because I was really full and did NOT want to work out but I made myself do day 3 of Insanity DVD.  I soooo wanted to quit but kept forcing myself to keep with it and I did the whole work out! I manage to hurt my knee doing it but it was a great work out!  Afterwards I had the burger patty over sauteed spinach and a tiny bit of steamed rice.  



I spent the rest of the day playing with Mack since it was so rainy outside.  While he was outside on one of his potty breaks he spotted a ball hidden in one of the bushes.  He worked and worked until he finally got it.  He was SOOOO proud of himself.  This is the second ball he’s stolen from outside!!!! Little thief!



I cooked tonight but Drew was held up LATE at work so I decided to get us sushi take out instead! 

Tomorrow, we’ll have the meal I cooked, our Crate & Barrel furniture is delivered AND we will go to church!!! Exciting, busy day!


One thought on “NJ Day 30

  1. Jana Cast says:

    Funny about little Mack. He probably thinks finding those balls is some kind of special game. Your meals and workout are so healthy!

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