NJ Day 28

Not much to report on today.  Started with a delicious juice.  Drew insisted on having Mack be in the pic.  Doesnt mack look miserable here?!?! hahahaha!


We napped, watched Nip/Tuck, Mack played and then it started to storm. Mack hates storms so he kept moving between my arms and the bathroom rug (his safe place) it was so sad



Drew just left for London and for the 1st time I’m scared.  He’ll be covering security for the Olympics a lot so I just PRAY everything goes smoothly.  

nothing planned for tomorrow other than working out, rounding up healthy recipes for us to try out and looking up info for our family Portugal trip!!  I’m so excited Drew will be home in time for him to join me at church Saturday. THAT is exciting 🙂


One thought on “NJ Day 28

  1. Jana Cast says:

    Bless your heart! I will pray for you to have a calm spirit, and for Drew to be safe! Looking forward to APRIL in LISBON!!!

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