NJ Day 27

I really intended to go to the gym today but my HUSBAND is home!! I just hate leaving him, and even though he’s flying out tomorrow night i MUST go to the gym in the morning.  We did have a fabulous juice this morning.  I’m loving the limes in the juice instead of lemon! yuuuuumImage

After laundry and curtain hanging  Drew made us breakfast.  While this looks sinful, it was actually REALLY healthy.  We used light english muffins, turkey bacon, egg beaters and 2 % cheese. YUUUUUM.  Hubs did good!


Tonight we had lots of white russians and snacks that were NOT good for us.  White russians never lead to good things and i’m happy we are out of the makings for them but we did enjoy the night 🙂


I went to bed early but Drew texted me something that woke me up.  He cried with me awhile about Matt.  NO ONE knows what he’s going through and that’s hard for him.  Matt was his twin.  I know grief…I lost my brother and my Dad but the loss of a twin brother is different.  It’s hard for him to hear people say “i’m so sorry…i know what you’re going through i’ve lost my (fill in the blank)”  I’ve tried to explain they are just being supportive and LOVING but it’s hard for him. soooooooooo hard.  He spent his whole life having to stand up for his twin and I think their relationship in the later years is hard for him.  Pray for my hubs.  He needs it.  I love him 🙂 and i’m so glad he’s able to open up some times even if it takes a few white russians


2 thoughts on “NJ Day 27

  1. Jana Cast says:

    I don’t know what to say, but I can pray! And I know that the Lord hears our prayers….you know I will pray for you both….

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