NJ Day 26

My day was SO busy I had to drop Mack off at day care this morning.  After that I went to the grocery store for ingredients I need for my upcoming Pinterest meals.  I saved tons of recipes on Pinterest since I knew I’d be a stay at home wife and would LOVE to cook for my husband.  Once I got home I BLASTED my Ipod on our dock and cleaned house for about an hr and half.  (Thank goodness our downstairs neighbor moved out cause I had my music loud!) After my cleaning work out I finally sat and had a juice. I put a lime in this instead of a lemon.  Was really good!


Then I got brave, really brave and decided to start our Insanity workout DVDs we bought.  Day 1 is just a fitness test but it was a REALLY good work out.  Did I look like the people on tv, jumping 3 ft of the ground?! no! my jumps were barely off the ground, but I did it!  So my plan is 1 day Insanity, 1 day gym.  After my work out I had whole grain toast w/ egg whites


Then after: shopping at the Body Shop, buying perfume, mailing my mom our car title AND finally switching our address at the post office I went to pick up mack and Drew was FINALLY home from Istanbul!! YYYAAAAAAAAAAY! We drank white russians and had an appetizer of catalina salad


Then I tested out a recipe I found on Pinterest for “Funeral Buns”  I had them marinated all day and was so excited to try them out after the rave reviews.  I loved them…Drew took a couple bites and asked it we could just clean up and go to bed.  He didn’t like it 😦 SOOOOOO SAD!!!!!! oh well I guess you cant win them all


Tomorrow we have even more errands and will both go work out.  Just very happy to have my hubs home


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