NJ Day 25

I hit the ground running this morning!  Went to work out then to Petsmart to get Mack some toys.  The cashier said “wow you’re buying a lot of toys!” I told him, don’t worry with my dog they last about 1 wk.  As soon as I got home I gave Mack 2 of his new toys and after my 10 min shower this is what I found (I SOOOO know my baby):


I had a snack of egg toast so delish! and then I decided to get brave.  The new (expensive Restoration Hardware pulls) didn’t quite fit our dresser.  I remember the last pulls we put in were weird and we have to wood glue in dowles.  ANYWAY I had to drill new holes (into the wood) to make the new pulls work.  I wanted to get it done before Drew got home so I read the drill directions and gave it all I got.  I’ve NEVER used a power tool in my life.   I did well and got all the new hardware on!!!!! I felt like Natalie, my old roomate..she is wonder woman and can do anything! The finished dresser turned out BEEAAAAUTIFUL!!!! i love it!


I found out shortly after this project that Drew’s flight home was cancelled 😦 Instead of getting in at 6pm tonight he’ll get in around 6pm tomorrow night SOOOO SAAAAD!!!!! but I’m taking Mack Brown to day care tomorrow and getting lots of work done before he gets it.  Find joy in EVERYTHING as my pastor said.  I had a mid afternoon juice and made myself catalina salad for dinner

My pastor was talking about Paul last night and he said “stop hating God, others, YOURSELF..you have to find joy in everything for being a servant of God or you’ve lost the whole point”WOW! That hit me hard.  I’ve spent the last year HATING myself and my weight.  Time to find joy

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