NJ Day 24

Felt much better today! Started my day as normal w/ a juice 🙂


Then I did some work around the house.  Got all our bedding put on the bed.  Putting the comforter in the duvet cover was the hardest thing ever thanks to the adorable Mack Brown.  He LOVES to jump on the bed while i’m making the bed so the fact that I was on the ground shoving a comforter into the duvet cover was SO exciting to him.  At one point both Mack and I were both INSIDE the duvet cover straightening out the comforter.  Looks so nice though! Need a couple of brown decorative pillows to give it a little pop though.  I started putting on my BEAUTIFUL glass pulls on my dresser but I’ll have to drill some holes for some of them.  I have a drill, going to TRY to do it tomorrow but if not, my hubs can take care of it for me! 🙂


Afternoon lunch was sauteed veggie pasta.  I made this for Drew yesterday to take on the plane with him.  We both loooooove this.  So fresh & light


I left for church tonight at 6 so I could go to Petsmart before. Mack needs food & new toys.  Well the road I needed was closed for construction and the Garmin kept me going in endless circles 😦 So…i had to go to church..which was great.  I’ll just have LOTS to do tomorrow and I hate leaving Mack for so long.  Church as GRRRRREAT! The pastor gives so much history behind whats going on in the passage he preaches from.  I can’t wait for Drew to go next weekend.  He’s off…I really hope he’ll go w/ me.  Tonight’s message was about Joy and having joy through EVERY phase of life we are in.  So fitting for what our family has been through.



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