NJ Day 20

LATE last night I got a call from the moving company saying they could deliver our missing box in 20 min.  Fine whatever.  Drew was home so he put on ALL his work gear…guns, handcuffs EVERYTHING to greet them at the door.  Needless to say they freaked out, we got our stuff, and no extra fees!


Today started w/ a big green juice and then I made caprese appetizers.  Caprese is the easiest, best meal ever.  I hate tomatoes, HATE but my old roomate Natalie made this for me a LOOOONG time ago and I’ve been hooked ever since.  Plus, living in Jersey, the fresh “moo-zad-el”(yes the girl at the check out called it that) is hard to pass up. yum


tonight we’ve been snacking, watching Nip Tuck and I some how conned my sweet husband to get sushi AGAIN tonight.  How did I get so lucky?! As we were snacking we decided canned salsa was just not doing it for our chips so I made my own. In Jersey the only salsa you can buy is in a jar filled with vinegar.  So gross! 😦 But thankfully salsa is so easy to make


On a personal note, it’s been a month since my husband’s twin passed away.  I think it’s been a hard day for him (he doesn’t talk about it much)  Prayers for him and the family are STILL appreciated…they need it.  It’s so hard for me to believe still.

My mom will be here tomorrow w/ some of her friends.  We are going into the city and we will see Wicked on Broadway.  HOW COOL IS THAT?! then Thursday we will tour the city just a bit.  Tomorrow Drew & I are also starting our juice cleanse!!! 2 juices, 1 meal, thats it.  HAVE to stick to it for our health.  It makes all the diff in the work in how you feel

3 thoughts on “NJ Day 20

  1. Natalie says:

    Glad you love caprese now, SO AMAZING! I might have seen a Catalina salad recently too, oh the memories!

    Have fun in NYC! Wicked, love it!

  2. Jana Cast says:

    Glad you got all your ‘stuff’! What a relief. All the foods look delish! Say ‘hi’ to your Mom for me,and enjoy your time in NYC! 🙂

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