Day 18 & 19



Then Drew got in from Istanbul (I can’t tell you where he is till AFTER he gets home…so Turkey is part of Europe? Part of Asia? that’s up for debate!) PS – i think it’s cool I cant publicly say where my husband is traveling until he is home!



Started off w/ a huge juice as always & salad for lunch


Today was BUSY!!!!! I went to work out at the gym, got groceries, cleaned the apartment, had our bedroom TV mounted, played with Mack, and then finally Drew got home from his office day.  We had a nice big juice


Then last night for dinner I tried out a sushi place close to us.  IT WAS AMAZING!!! And I was so excited because i  love sushi.  My problem all day was how can I eat there again soon.  Once I have good sushi, I CRAVE it like no other.  So….once Drew got home I offered all his options for dinner (i JUST went to the grocery store) but then mentioned how the place we got last night gave us lots of good coupons.  he was sold SCORE!!!!! i got my way was usual! 🙂


talked to Drew about juicing twice a day w/ 1 normal meal.  He’s on board.  HOORAY!!!!!!  And just anyone cares, we have picked our future childrens’ names:


Meaning: girls – we just like Girl – Parker and Leigh is my middle name given to me by my Dad (who has passed) he was Rick Lee

Boy – Wesley is after Grandad.  Grandad is Tom W Overton..the W is for Wesley…then Ryan is a name from my family.  My great aunt’s last name was Ryan and it was my brother (who has passed) middle name


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