Day 17

My day was FULL of juice! All together I probably had 80 oz during the day along with lots of water.  Felt good…really good.  I need to get back to 2 huge juices a day and 1 healthy/veggie meal.  It’s how I feel my best.  I know this already so why is it so hard to follow?!



Then I decided to visit a church nearby I wanted to check out, The Life Christian Church They have a 7pm Sat. night service which I love because Mack usually goes to sleep around that time so I wouldn’t have to worry about him.  I pulled up to the parking lot.  The area looked a little shady so I drove off but I told myself I HAD to go tonight because tomorrow I’m going to the gym and dont want to leave my dog so much during the day. (sad I always think of him first) So i turned around and went back.  Church as nothing fancy (but they’re building a new site) but the church was AWESOME!!! I loved the worship, LOOOOOVVVVVED the pastor and am ready to join 🙂 Cant wait to take Drew! Of course they make you take a new member course so we will have to see how we can work that around Drew’s schedule….who knows


When I got home I made that “Mexican” salad.  This stuff is SOOOO good because sweet corn off the cob is so fresh and amazing right now.  I did top with a few fritos…cause you have to for the crunch!  This salad is so good i could eat it every day



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