Day 13 & 14


Started w/ a huge juice.  I put spinach in it.  Maybe the spinach was bad but i was after this 😦


Drew got in from Brussels and we had tilapia for dinner 🙂



Started w/ our daily juice


For the 4th I grilled burgers and we had that with my baked beans and mac ‘n cheese.  Did i really make blue box mac ‘n cheese?! ABSOLUTELY.  It’s so good! (before you think i’m a total pig, I always eat off of a salad plate!)


It really was so good!  So…getting healthy.  We’ve been talking about doing better for so long now and haven’t really acted on it too much.  But i swear we are…we’ve had our fun.  Drew wants to make a chart and have us post our weight on it. HAHAHA he thinks i would actually post my weight for him to see. I think not! Today is our last day of pillaging and drinking for a loooooong while 🙂

And just because, here’s a pic of mack and his daddy



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