NJ Day 9

Woke up this morning and had eggs on a whole grain english muffins.  I like PLAIN eggs so much better than eggs that have been doctored up with cheese, bacon, taters, ect.


Drew was supposed to get in from Rome around 11 but his flight out was delayed and he got in around 3.  I made us a big juice to have as soon as he got home


After Drew got settled and we had a couple frozen margs (thanks to our blender being unpacked!) I made my mother in law’s delicious tilapia w/ brown/white rice & asparagus. Such a great meal.  But the weather has been so hot here lately.  Not quite Texas hot, but really close.  Our little kitchen has no vents so when you cook, it heats up the whole house.  Guess I need to look into more crock pot recipes! 🙂 


Tonight Drew’s been hanging some pictures up in the house.  I’m going for a modern/classy little NJ apartment but the hubs insists on having his movie posters scattered around.  He did say “our little place is finally coming together” after he hung all his movie posters so WHATEVER makes him happy! 🙂



One thought on “NJ Day 9

  1. Jana Cast says:

    Jamey made a juice today! Yummo, almost as good as yours. It is really warming up here. We are going to IKEA later to get some ideas for the new place…maybe I’ll buy a bunch of movie posters….:) So far I’ve cancelled two couches (one from C&B and one from Lazy Boy). I’ve decided to buy furniture that I don’t have to fret over getting ruined. Drew is so funny, and you are so nice to be OK w/his stuff.!

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