NJ Day 8

After last night’s craziness I woke up exhausted.  Happy to be on my own bed, but exhausted.  I went and dropped off Mack at his puppy day care.  They just did an intro day to him..he got to know each of the staff, walked around the facility and got use to sitting in the suite where he’ll be boarded every once in awhile.  As a former Kinder teacher parents who cry and cry on their child’s 1st day frustrate me but as I left my little dog baby for the first time ever I got a *little* teary!!!! BUT the facility was absolutely beeeeeeauuuuutiful, the staff ALL loved him.  When they brought him up to the front some random staff came up and said “OOOH!!! IT’S MACK!! He is such a sweet, beautiful little guy!” That made this momma feel so much better


While Mack was at his new daycare, I got a mani/pedi and ran some errands.  When I got home with Mack I swore I was going straight to bed but the pile of boxes and shoes got to me so I made some progress! The shoe organizer I got help tremendously and I will buy another one for our bedroom closet



Tomorrow I plan on just taking some loads to the dumpster but no more unpacking for now.  I want to just clean and get the trash out before Drew comes home.  My OCD husband deserves the house to be *somewhat* tidy.  The house is clean, just feels so messy w/ boxes laying around.  My eating…has been HORRIBLE.  Leftover pizza, cereal, no juice.  Carb heaven.  I keep telling myself all these trips up & down the stairs and long walks to the dumpster w/ our boxes some how makes me deserve horrible food. I’m determined to get back on track tomorrow.

On a completely random side note – Drew’s bday is next month and since his twin brother passed I know this bday is going to be horrible for him so I’ve been so unsure of what to get him, but I think i’ve finally figured something out.  It’s little but he’s impossible to shop for.  Wish I could make this bday special for him!


2 thoughts on “NJ Day 8

    • 🙂 You and Jamey come out to Jersey! you can stay on our HUGE airmattress and we can explore the city. You’ll soon have a built in Miranda baby sitter too!

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