NJ Day 7

This has been the worst day in NJ so far but we will get into that in a minute.  

This morning I made a breakfast for Drew and myself much like he did for me yesterday.  He left for Europe around 12:30 so I made us a green juice before he left and packed him a dinner for the plane.  Notice Drew set up the green juice pic.  He is so proud of what he does it’s so cute


Drew left and it was SO sad.  I really hate when he leaves.  It’s not like we do anything special while he is here but I just miss his company.  ANYWAYS…Drew calls me around 4:30 (mind you his flight left at 5 so we had very limited time to talk) he said do you want the good news or the bad news.  OH GREAT I’m thinking…he doesn’t get to come home on Friday like we had planned, he’ll have to stay in Europe longer.  I was wrong.  Both the good AND the bad news was the movers were coming…TONIGHT.  Oh my goodness, oh my goodness.  I go into panic mode. I’m a single white (passive) female alone for these movers to take advantage of me YET again.  The movers show up at 8:30pm.  They spend an hr getting the outer door off to my apartment (i had the Super do this for them last weekend when they were SUPPOSED to be here..also, don’t get me into the door system in NJ apartments)  Our stuff is all moved up but the main guy demands I write him a check for $75 because they had to travel so far from the van to our door.  ALSO the final statement emailed to me said we had a balance of $705 so I had $760 in cash because i thought that was a fair tip.  The guy tells me our balance is $755 so he then gives me a hard time about no cash tip money. The BEST part?! We are missing our box w/ all our bedding which also has our wine fridge in it!!!  Here is the after math:


Because our outer door was off, I took advantage and took all those empty boxes on the carpet out to the dumpster.  I also left a note to my downstairs neighbor apologizing for the late night noise and the outer door being off.  Thankfully, Mack Brown was drugged and was the BEST dog ever..he didn’t bark once. Just sat quietly.  Not so thankfully, I realized I brought WAY too many shoes with us.  This massive pile is in addition to our over flowing closets.  What was I thinking?


Tomorrow Mack Brown goes to doggy day care and this tired momma is going to get a mani/pedi.  I felt the need to unpack every box but that will have to wait! I need a break



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