NJ day 5 & 6

Yesterday Drew got in from Ireland! We had a couple of green juices, I made the WORST roast in history (so sad!) and we had margs then got fast food because of our margs 🙂 Mack is SO happy when his daddy is home.  He goes on super long walks and we get to take him off his lead and play ball with him in our big courtyard


Today the weather has been AMAZING!!!! It was 106 in Austin today and the high here was 72. This is my heaven! When we took Mack out this morning for his morning walk, it was down right chilly.  My amazing hubs cooked us a nice breakfast


Then because the weather was SO nice I got out for a walk and explored our little town of West Caldwell.  It’s so beautiful out here. I love our quaint little town!  Really reminds me of northern Colorado



At lunch I made us amazing caprese sammiches and we had a late afternoon green juice.  Tonight I think we are going to get some local Italian to go.  Who knows!


Drew leaves again for Europe tomorrow.  Last night we sat and I asked the question “HOW did we get here?!” My husband is a special agent with the Fed. government and I get to retire and enjoy this amazing little city and weather.  We are SOOOO blessed beyond measure.  Looks like Drew’s schedule is mostly 1 1/2 days here, 2 days gone which isn’t so bad.

The only down side to this is our movers still haven’t made it here. They picked up our stuff in Austin on June 1 and they’ve been screwing us over big time.  Drew talked to a dispatch guy today though and hopefully they will be here this week.  The only good thing about no stuff here yet is Mack has a wide open apartment to play ball in. 🙂


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