NJ Day 4

I got out this morning but only to do chores, not work out.  Mack did great alone! I’m so glad I can now leave for a couple hours and not worry.

My eats today: large green juice, leftover bow tie asparagus pasta & raisin bran


Mack has been such a happy dog!!! He plays all day. He wouldn’t walk for me today though…needs his Daddy here to force him to walk! Tonight a lot of our neighbors stopped us when I took him out for his night potty break.  They all had dogs and I knew all these dogs because Drew has talked so much about them.  Mack was SO scared and overwhelmed by new people and new dogs in his face that he ran back to our apartment and immediately had a  potty accident inside.  Mack NEVER has accidents…poor traumatized baby.


The weather is amazing here and Drew gets back tomorrow by noon so that will be great!



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