NJ Day 3

I like counting things…makes me keep track of things.  I’ve been having these panic attacks lately.  While I will go to a Dr. for blood work & a check up I really think it has to do w/ how crappy I’ve been w/ my health lately.  I’m determined to get back to mostly veggie meals and juicing. This morning I made a juice for Drew & I.  He was super tired in this picture but I swear he cleans up well….see? hahaha


This afternoon I made us bowtie pasta with mushrooms, peas & asparagus.  This stuff is SO good, really healthy and so easy.  Just sautee mushrooms, peas & asparagus in olive oil & garlic.  Then toss it in bowtie pasta with a drizzle of olive oil, parm cheese & red chili flakes.  AMAZING!  For dinner I had another juice


The weather here today was BEAUTIFUL! High of 84…nice breeze.  Felt like So Cal.  LOVE it!!  Our apartment complex has this huge grassy “park like” area and we took Mack out off his leash and threw the ball around for him.  He loved it!  Drew is off to Europe now.  He said he sad about leaving for the 1st time since having his job…I can really tell Drew loves having our family back together 🙂  Tomorrow I’m going to leave Mack alone for awhile so I can go work out.  Pretty sad about having to do that but I have to remind myself that he’s just a dog and he will be just fine!

OH! yesterday was the first time I got to see & drive my dream car that my amazing husband bought me.  Isn’t it so pretty?! love it!!! 🙂



2 thoughts on “NJ Day 3

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