New Jersey Housewife

My mom & I finally made it to my new home in NJ yesterday!  I couldn’t have done this trip without my mom, literally.  She did ALLLL the driving.  Every time I would start to drive I’d start having a panic attack, but that’s a whole other story.  We passed through a lot of states on the drive up and little Mack Brown was the best little traveler.


Mom and I have enjoyed some FANTASTIC Italian food while in Jersey already. And after what seems like an eternity I finally had a juice!


Drew got in from Amsterdam this afternoon and it’s been SO nice to have our little family together.  Mack has loved it.  He seems to be so happy here…he was my biggest concern in this move but he plays all day and does so well on his walk.  I think we’re going to really like it here!


There was an evening rain that really cooled things off a bit.  We went on a little family was so nice!!  Then Drew and I watched Jeff, Who Lives At Home  AMAZING movie that I hadn’t even heard of.  Really heart touching.  Drew & I had a good cry together after.  He’s still hurting so badly and it makes me so, so sad.  But I’m glad Mack & I are here now.

My mom goes home tomorrow 😦 SO SAD!!! She’s been such a help!  But I really am excited about this chapter in our lives.


4 thoughts on “New Jersey Housewife

  1. Jana Cast says:

    I feel close to you reading your blog. You are such a blessing, and you take the BEST pictures!!!! Is that the same risotto that we had? So delicious. My heart breaks for you both. It still seems so unreal. God’s love and mercy will prevail in our spirits. Keep on posting!

    • I did take my mom to that place we went. SOOOO good! It does still seem unreal…Drew’s really hurting but I’m glad he’s showing it

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