I’ll be back…

God answers prayer…this I know!  Things have been getting better in this house.  There’s laughter and fellowship.

Grandad plans to get out of this house sooner than later so all the “stuff” Drew & I were planning on keeping here needs to get out ASAP.  We have  “Got Junk?” company coming Monday to take most of our stuff away.  My car is packed to the brim and we leave Monday for our 4 day trek to New Jersey.   My eating has been HORRIBLE and I’m longing to finally be settled in New Jersey so I can start juicing and cooking again.  Today was actually the 1st day I haven’t juiced and I miss it!!!!

Anyways.  My food blog will finally be a food blog again once I’m in New Jersey and settled.  Now that Grandad is taken care of I’m SOOOOOOOOO excited about starting our new life on the East coast!!! It’s finally here!!


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