PGF: Day 2

PGF = project get fit! 🙂

This morning my mom made me a great juice and then I hit the gym.  Got in just over 30 min on treadmill and just over 20 on the “fancy” eliptical…dont know what that machine is called.  Went in intervals like a trainer I had told me to and left the gym soaked in sweat.  It felt SO good!  I just read a story that said the “runners high” you get from working out has been evolved into us to combat the health risks of being lazy.  It was an interesting article but I def left my work out today feeling GREAT as opposed to my weak work out yesterday


After my work out I went over to the Shary orchards where my grandfather used to work.  It was so run down and horrible looking 😦 His little home in the middle of the orchards looked so sad.  But the Shary mansion looked BEAUTIFUL! We would have our 4th of July picnics a the mansion when I was a kid. So many fun memories in these orchards!! It was a nice visit down memory lane.



I met my Mom for lunch at my favorite sushi place here.  Got delicious tuna and a Neptune (shrimp & cucumber) roll


I realize my afternoon meals haven’t been the best so I have a juice for tonight ready to go!


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