I’ve been so frustrated lately.  A couple weeks of stress and a few bad meals, and I’m back where I started.  Why is this struggle SO hard? It really depresses me…cant look at myself in the mirror, dont want anyone to see me, EVEN family. It’s horrible.  BUT I’m done with work now so all I have to focus on now is my health and my puppy.  Drew says there is a track right next to our apt in NJ where I can walk every day.   I’m going to my home town for about a week and I plan on juicing and eating clean there.  I know if I just stick with it I will feel better physically and mentally.

I have done some jucing



Yesterday was my last day at work.  As I was walking out I had to turn around and look at my classroom again.  It really made me sad in a way.  Afterwards I went to a nice lunch w/ my coworkers and got a spinach enchilada 🙂 We all wanted to have an adult beverage to celebrate but there were parents and students every where so that was a no go.


It was a big day for us yesterday.  Not only am I done working but all our stuff is officially on it’s way to New Jersey 🙂


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