Illness day 2

Well I’m not sure if I have strep or the flu…feels SO flu like! but I’m on leftover antibiotics so it’s starting to clear up.  Only problem today was that ALL the errands and “to dos” I had lined up did not get done.  Laying in bed was the only position I felt comfortable in.  So achey!  I do know 1 thing, if you get sick, Grandad is the perfect care taker.  He brought me waffles in bed this morning


After carbfest breakfast I had 1/2 a hamburger patty w/ roasted sweet potatoes and asparagus later in the day. yum


As I’m packing the last couple of boxes up for NJ I have so many mixed emotions! I’m SOOOO excited about moving to the east coast.  I want to explore NYC often and get to know Boston and DC better.  But Drew & I have come up with a plan that puts us back in Texas in about a year and a half so that’s GREAT! We are going to build/buy the Overton compound and Grandad has already agreed to move there with us.  VERY exciting.  When I told Grandad our plan, he gave me this HUGE bear hug thanking me for thinking of him.  Made me cry.  I love, love, love him!

Hopefully tomorrow i’m more of 80% better so I can be eating better as well!


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