I thought it was impossible to get sick while juicing.  That all the vitamins and minerals had now made me immune to everything.  Went to sleep having trouble swallowing because my throat hurt so much and woke up to white bumps on my tonsils.  Been miserable  in bed all day.  Strep makes you feel like you have the flu…fever, achey, horrible!

I did manage to make a juice


Tonight Grandad as really spoiled me. Strawberries w/ powdered sugar, home made cornbread and ice cream to make me feel better


Grandad spoils me and Mack Brown…as soon as he got home from the store with the ice cream, Mack got his own bowl of it.  SO spoiled!


Hopefully I’m better tomorrow.  I’m too busy right now to be sick!


6 thoughts on “Strep

  1. Well burst my bubble will you. All that Juice should make your immune system sing. I’ll add some garlic to my juice tommorrow. Maybe take the vitamin D and B tabs my doctor told me to. 8)
    Glad you have someone to spoil you, we all need that sometimes.

    • hahaha I know!!! maybe I too should be taking what the Dr. recommends. I’m sure my illness has been brought on by stress and stress alone!!

  2. Murika @ shinytimes says:

    Strep?! Ick. Sorry to hear that. Every time I see a picture of your juices I get so crazy jealous. I want to be doing that so badlyyyyyy. If I could just get my hands on a juicer…thanks for the inspiration..someday I’ll be juicing just like you!

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